Glen Mallan Jetty Refurbishment - Loch Long

Client: Ministry Of Defence


Glen Mallan Jetty  is a facility that is controlled by DM Glen Douglas which is an MOD Munitions Depot located south of Arrochar on Loch Long.

Following various surveys it was found that the Jetty required extensive strengthening and upgrading works to bring it up to the required MOD specification.

The initial works involved the excavation of the existing jetty road adjacent to the substandard retaining/sea wall structure. The excavation was taken to rockhead and backfilled using mass concrete. Once mass concrete fill was complete a reinforced concrete deck was placed with cantilevered upstand which on completion would carry the suspended walkway.

On completion of all concrete works the entire jetty access road was resurfaced using a Hot Rolled Asphalt. Due to the location the project suffered from severe adverse weather conditions and tidal issues. The project was completed on time and within budget and the Jetty was handed back to the depot without any restriction to planned operations.